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Iran, North Caucasus To Enhance Co-Op

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Iran, North Caucasus to enhance co-op

Moscow, Nov 3, IRNA – Iranian ambassador to the Russian Federation and the minister of the Russian Federation for North Caucasus Affairs at a meeting on Friday emphasized the importance of boosting cooperation while addressing trade and economic issues.

According to the media department of the Iranian embassy, Iranian ambassador Mehdi Sanai and Russian official Sergey Viktorovich Chebotarev stressed the two countries' growing relations in all fields.

Meanwhile, the two sides discussed issues including facilitating trade relations, settling the issue of north-south transport corridor, exchanging university students and lecturers and implementing agreements.

Among other issues discussed were conducting Iranian studies conference, Iran-North Caucasus conference and Joint Commission for Cooperation in Tehran, and developing provincial cooperation.

In order to pursue and implement agreements, the Iranian Ambassador proposed establishing a Joint Business Council and working groups for provincial cooperation, and the idea was welcomed by the Russian side.

Sanai and Chebotarev went on to stress deepening ties and the significance of the North Caucasus in Iran-Russia relations.