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Rouhani Calls On Muslim Nations To Join Hands Against U.S. Bullying

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Rouhani calls on Muslim nations to join hands against U.S. bullying

TEHRAN - On Saturday, in his address to the 32nd edition of the International Islamic Unity Conference opening in Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani decried the U.S. for its bullying policy and for treating the countries in the Middle East like slaves.

With delegates from one hundred countries attending, the 2018 edition of the Islamic Unity Conference is held annually on Prophet Muhammad’s birthday in an effort to reinforce solidarity among the Muslims and to come up with effective solutions for the issues of Muslim community.
Likening the regional countries’ capitulation to the U.S. to rolling out red carpets for the criminals, Rouhani notified that yielding to the U.S. and the West is a true treason against the Islamic values as well as the generations of Muslims.
The Iranian president referred to the current dire conditions in the Middle East, saying, “The situation in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq is not what the Islamic community is expecting.” 

He called for Muslims’ collective efforts to follow the Prophet Muhammad’s instructions for safeguarding the dignity of Muslims and protecting their freedom. “What America is now after is slavery. They say that the whole world must think in an American way and admire American values,” he said, adding, “We say that all people are free, and that the bullies cannot choose the path for us.” 
Elsewhere in his address, Rouhani pointed to the U.S. president’s insult to Saudi Arabia and the fact that that U.S. is milking Saudis for money by selling a plentitude of arms to this country.
He stressed the need for Muslim to be united, underlining that Iran deems the people of Saudi Arabia as well as the people of the region as its own brothers.
“We are ready to make every effort to protect the interests of Saudi people against terrorism and superpowers, in the same way that we helped the people of Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan,” Rouhani noted.