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Muslim Excellence Competitiveness Award

MECAward quality scheme was first proposed by a group of senior assessors of Iran's National Quality Award (INQA) to Islamic Chamber Research and Information Center (ICRIC) in 2006. Following the negotiations made with other members of Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (ICCIA), the award was finalized in September 2006. ICRIC has been henceforth assigned as the Executive Director of the Award. MECAward Secretariat is located in, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.

MECAward objectives:


1.To perform a leading role in enhancing the efficiency of Islamic countries organizations. 2.To take advantage of the Muslim world potentials to develop and advance excellence culture.

3.To encourage organizations to perform self assessment operations, using experiences of qualified Islamic organizations in order to recognize their own merits as well as needed improvements.

4.To improve Muslim-country organizations' competitiveness in international trading and to increase their compatibility with global markets.

5.To improve quality and productivity levels and to achieve sustainable economic progress among Islamic countries.

6.To recognize and praise the most successful organizations of Islamic world. 7.To promulgate Islamic values in business and at international levels.

MECAward fundamental concepts

MECA ward encompasses 2 concepts in value & figure and evaluation criteria:

A)Fundamental concepts in value :

Excellence awards as a source of different theories and experiences contain information that show seriousness of an organization toward excellence & the level of attention to it. These pieces of information create value concepts as follow:

1. To value human capital as the greatest creation.

2. To value leaders who commit themselves to the culture of excellence & an excellent organizations based on Islamic values.

3. To value the main business processes which the main aim of  the organization is to reach excellence in them.

4. To value  the delight of all stakeholders that the life of organizations depends on their satisfaction.

5. To care about social issues & society as a responsible & effective citizen considering Islamic values.

 B) Fundamental concepts in figure:

In practice it should be noticed that such an award plays a symbolic & figurative role in Islamic countries. In this respect, we should consider two very important factors:

1. A healthy evaluation system which would create respect and trust among the Muslim Ummah is only possible by professional assessment & well planned programs.

2. Precision and value creation be regarded as the evaluation criteria by people & organization of Islamic countries.

Assessment Criteria :

The main evaluation criteria for MECAward applicants are as follow:


Excellent organizations have leaders who shape the future and make it happen, acting as role models for its values and ethics and inspiring trust at all times. They are flexible, enabling the organization to anticipate and react in a timely manner to ensure the ongoing success of the organization.


Excellent organizations implement their mission and vision by developing a stakeholder focused strategy. Policies, plans, objectives and processes are developed and deployed to deliver the strategy.


Excellent organizations value their people and create a culture that allows the mutually beneficial achievements of organizational and personal goals. They develop the capabilities of their people and promote fairness and equality. They care for, communicate, reward and recognize, in a way that motivates people, builds commitment and enables them to use their skills and knowledge for the benefit of the organization.

Partnerships & Resources

Excellent organizations plan and manage external partnerships, suppliers and internal resources in order to support strategy and policies and the effective operation of processes. They ensure that they effectively manage their environmental and societal impact.

Processes, products & services

Excellent organizations design, manage and improve processes to generate increasing value for customers and other stakeholders.

Customer results

Excellent organizations comprehensively measure and achieve outstanding results with respect to their customers.

Information regarding the IC-CRS can be accessed through http://mecaward.com/





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