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Researcher List

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# Name Education Current Position
1 Mr. Yazdan Moradi PHD in Food Science and industries Faculty member of Iran Fisheries Research Institute & Tehran University Professor
2 Mrs. Neda Maftoon Azad PHD in Food Science and industries /McGill Canada Faculty member of research center of Fars Province & University Assistant Professor
3 Mr. Majid Hashemi PHD in Veterinary & PHD student of foodstuffs hygiene Faculty member of Agricultural Research And Natural Resources center of Fars Province
4 Mr. Hamid Reza Gheisari PHD in foodstuffs hygiene Chancellor of State University of ESTAHBAN And Associate Professor, School of Veterinary Medicine
5 Mr. Ali Reza Adiban PHD in Veterinary Responsible for the Department of livestock diseases of Veterinary organization of Kermanshah Province
6 Mrs. Maryam Shah Amirian MS student of Food Science and industries
7 Mrs. Ghazal Raoufat
8 Mrs. Bita Hatefi Pour student of MS in biochemistry
9 Mr. Ali Akbarzadeh PHD in Molecular Genetics Chairman of the Board Gene Transfer Pioneers(GTP) Company
10 Mr. Abbas Rezaee Manesh PHD student in international law Professor of University and lawyer
11 Mr. Amir Esmaeil Saghafinia PHD in Biotechnology Chairman of association of production, development, promotion and trade of Halal products
12 Mr. Mohamad Hossein Shojaee PHDs in Veterinary & Pharmacology Chief Consultant of Iran Standard Organization
13 Mr. Abdol-Reza Daghaghaleh PHD in Veterinary & student of level 4 at Seminary The secretary of Fiqh Committee of halal And Responsible for Representative office of Islamic jurisprudent in Iran Fisheries Organization And advisor to Supreme Leader in Agriculture Jihad ministry
14 Mr. Hasan Taromi MA of Islamic jurisprudence Academic Assistant of Islamic Encyclopedia Foundation
15 Mr. Mohsen Froutan PHD in Pharmacy Director of R&D and Managing director of Tavan research and training institution
16 Mr. Hedayat Hosseini PHD in Veterinary & PHD in Foodstuffs hygiene Research Assistant of Iran Institute of Nutrition and food industries
17 Mr. Borzouei PHD in Halal science / Malaysia
18 Mrs. Katayoun Sepehri MS in industries engineering Member of the board of association of Iranian Women Entrepreneurs (AIWE) Consultant: Iranian confederation of employers associations & Entrepreneurship Commission Tehran Municipality